About us

Today the workforce of SCYTEQ GmbH can draw upon decades of professional experience of the production of concrete roofing tiles, wood products, foodstuffs and beverages and disposable sanitary products, as well as experience of the building of specialist machinery. Dieter Welsch Sr. started developing and designing production machinery as long ago as 1968. This vocation later passed to his son as well. Dieter Welsch junior, our current managing partner, initially studied mechanical engineering at the Ruhr University in Bochum. At the start of the 1990s he them moved to south-east Asia to work for a well-known press manufacturer and gradually took over management responsibility for the building and renovation of turnkey chipboard and MDF manufacturing plants. At the end of the 1990s he switched to the concrete processing industry and managed the plant engineering department of a famous manufacturer of concrete roofing tiles.

With excellent training and very soundly based technical know-how together with years of professional experience and great motivation, we and our team of engineers and technicians are now your experienced, high-profile specialist for the construction of specialist machinery and for sustainably results-oriented maintenance.

The common feature of our past and present work is its very high level of practical relevance. As well as investigating how components, machinery and plant function, we have always made a point of critically evaluating the design basis of each component. From this "dual" perspective we have largely developed our own philosophy over the years – one which determines how we go about the work we do for you today as well as the thinking behind it.

We do our utmost every day to fulfil your requirements and wishes, because after all you are the person who is entrusting your money to us. Moreover, it's your economic success which spurs us on. Maximum availability of resources and the economic efficiency associated with it form the essential basis of our thought processes and actions. We build our business relationships based on what are perhaps already forgotten values such as honesty, openness, reliability and fairness, for no successful partnership can be created in the long term without trust and sound business practices.