Specialist machinery construction and production engineering

Ever since 1968 our engineers and technicians have been actively involved in the development and design/construction of production machines. Over recent decades we have successfully developed into an established machinery and plant manufacturer. Today with our sound expertise in the production of concrete building materials, wood products, foodstuffs, beverages and disposable sanitary products, and with our very extensive range of machines and devices and our flexible and innovatively-thinking team, we are the ideal people to contact for production machinery and plant.

From the idea to the plansFurther details

From the idea to the plans

Every project starts with an essential need, and perhaps even the germ of an idea. This is where we come in, providing you with effective and efficient assistance with the development and implementation of your machinery project:

  • Communication, generation of ideas, outline conceptualisation
  • Technical/commercial feasibility studies
  • Technical/commercial planning
  • Drawing up of a specification
  • Presentation of the time-dependent technical/commercial concept

Nothing is more exciting than an idea whose time has come!

3D designFurther details

3D design

In addition to exceptional motivation, an abundance of ideas, and its development mindset, what marks our team out today is its professional experience of development and design/construction stretching back over many years as well as its extremely soundly-based technical know-how.

  • 3D CAD design for machinery and plant (production of machine parts and components as well as sub-assemblies and systems, kinematic simulation, collision analysis, installation space optimisation, and matching of technical functions to the subsequent inspection, servicing and maintenance works)
  • Finite elements method (FEM for short), for taking account of the design engineering issues of voltages, vibrations (internal and external), deformations, variant calculations, and variant design, load simulation, structural analysis, modal analysis, animated 3D representation of the component deformation process
  • Reverse engineering & reverse modelling / surface reconstruction and modelling (applied SCYTEQ strategy for linking geometric data and material information with functional and technological data, production of complex, non-parametric or partially or fully parametric solid models taking account of technical design dependencies, including documentation)
  • Hybrid modelling (linking of conventional design processes with free-form surface reconstruction and modelling processes)
  • Design of sheet metal parts (design and execution)
  • Drawing up of STL models for CAD/CAM processing
  • Technical illustration (3D visualisation, photo-realistic representation, motion sequence animation, exploded view drawings)
  • Provision of data (parts lists, sub-assembly drawings, drawings of individual components, exploded view drawings and assembly drawings in neutral CAD data formats: STEP, IGES, STL, SAT, VDA, DXF, DWG etc.)
  • Workstations: Rapidform® XO-S, XO-V und XO-R (Inus Technology®), SolidWorks® (Dassault Systèmes®), Autodesk® Inventor®
  • Documentation

Design and function in harmony. SCYTEQ Efficiency Engineering TM.

Construction of specialist machineryFurther details

Construction of specialist machinery

Once you have reviewed and approved our proposals, your new production machines are built at our production premises.

  • Machines for the production of concrete roofing tiles, concrete cladding blocks, and clay roofing tiles
  • Machines for the production of wall facing blocks, kerb stones, decorative blocks/stones, and concrete plinths
  • Machines for the manufacture of doors, windows, furniture, laminate, parquet flooring, mouldings and wood panels
  • Machines for the production of foodstuffs and beverages
  • Machines for the production of disposable sanitary products
  • Linear displacement units, forklift trucks
  • Wood pallet storage units, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors
  • Hoisting and lowering equipment, tipping devices
  • Overhaul and modernisation of old plant and equipment

Thanks to the modular design of our systems, we can cater very flexibly for your individual requirements. We will be pleased to advise you! Just give us a call!

Production engineeringFurther details

Production engineering

We are a single-source supplier which can provide you with high-quality machine parts which are not only produced using flawless technical processes, they are professionally checked and fully guaranteed.

  • CNC precision turning (∅ ≤ 150 mm, length ≤ 1.000 mm)
  • CNC turning (∅ ≤ 600 mm, length ≤ 3.000 mm)
  • Internal grinding (bore ∅ 0,5 – 120 mm, bore length ≤ 250 mm alternating)
  • Honing/cross-grinding (∅ 1 - 120 mm)
  • Cylindrical grinding between apexes (∅ ≤ 130 mm, length ≤ 1.000 mm)
  • Knurling, scoring


  • High-speed CNC milling (x ≤ 1.000 mm, y ≤ 800 mm, z ≤ 500 mm)
  • CNC milling at machining centre (x ≤ 2.000 mm, y ≤ 1.200 mm, z ≤ 1.000 mm)
  • Deep drilling (bore ∅ 1 – 45 mm, bore length ≤ 250 mm)
  • Surface profile grinding (x ≤ 800, y ≤ 550)
  • Surface grinding (x ≤ 1.500, y ≤ 600)
  • Jig grinding (x ≤ 400, y ≤ 350)


  • Spark erosion (x ≤ 500 mm, y ≤ 350 mm, z ≤ 300 mm)
  • Die-sinking EDM (x ≤ 2.000 mm, y ≤ 800 mm, z ≤ 800 mm)


  • Straight and bevelled gear cutting (gear wheels module 1 – 14)
  • Chain wheel gear cutting (gauge 5 mm – 2.5")
  • Toothed belt sprocket gear cutting
  • Splined shaft gear cutting
  • Endless screw gear cutting
  • Grooving (2 – 100 mm, groove length ≤ 200 mm)


  • Sawing, flame cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting
  • Metal plate cutting and pressing
  • Gluing (single or double component adhesives)
  • Soldering (induction soldering, continuous reflow soldering, vacuum soldering)
  • Welding (MIG, MAG, WIG)
  • Engraving/signing (laser engraving, nailing, milling), hardening


  • On request: manufacture of mouldings from elastomers and Duroplast materials
  • On request: coating with elastomers and Duroplast materials
  • On request: coating with natural or synthetic rubber
  • On request: processing and finishing of metallic surfaces

Don't compromise on quality. SCYTEQ Genuine Spare Parts TM.

Control system engineeringFurther details

Control system engineering

As a builder of specialist machines and a systems house, SCYTEQ offers you end-to-end services covering the entire industrial automation process chain. With services ranging from

  • design and technical planning
  • switch gear cabinet construction,
  • drive systems,
  • safety systems,
  • programming,
  • the installation and commissioning of control systems
  • to subsequent network maintenance

we are your "one-stop" supplier. What marks us out are our great innovative abilities and our absolute reliability.

Field engineers and techniciansFurther details

Field engineers and technicians

We're the right provider for you! Our team of field engineers and technicians give you professional and reliable advice. Whether in Europe or elsewhere, we are "at home anywhere in the world" – and available to help you!

  • Packing and shipping
  • Installation and commissioning of new machines in your factory
  • Overhaul and modernisation of old plant and equipment
  • Plant-specific training for your machine operators and maintenance staff
  • Documentation
  • Customer services

SCYTEQ field engineers and technicians. Flexible, innovative and reliable!

We can provide the whole process chain for you, from individual machines, devices and items of equipment to turnkey EC-conformant production facilities.

Numerous projects in Europe and around the world show the benefits of our highly efficient and extremely economical machines, devices and items of equipment.