Wood production technology

Ever since 1968 our engineers and technicians have been actively involved in the development and design/construction of production machines for the woodworking and wood processing industry. Over recent decades we have successfully developed into an established machinery and plant manufacturer. Today with our sound expertise in the production of wood products, our very extensive range of machines and devices, and our flexible and innovatively-thinking team we are the ideal people to contact for all matters relating to wood production technology.

Woodworking machinesFurther details

Woodworking machines

With our SCYTEQ woodworking machines we offer you a large number of service-proven and extremely economical machines for use in producing your wood products.

  • Insertion machines, saws, milling machines
  • Lengthwise and crosswise tenoners
  • Joining systems (positioning, stapling, nailing, screwing, gluing, clamping)
  • Hoisting and lowering equipment, tipping devices
  • Chain conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors
  • Linear displacement units, forklift trucks
  • Wood pallet storage units
  • Packaging machines

Thanks to the modular design of our systems, we can cater very flexibly for your individual requirements. What marks us out are our great innovative abilities and our absolute reliability. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be pleased to advise you!

Conveying and transporting equipmentFurther details

Conveying and transporting equipment

Although it looks very simple, our conveying and transporting equipment does in fact comprise very technically sophisticated, service-proven and highly dependable devices for transporting your wood products.

  • Linear displacement units
  • Forklift trucks
  • Chain conveyors (also drag conveyors)
  • Belt conveyors (flat belt conveyors, round belt conveyors)
  • Roller conveyors
  • Hoisting equipment
  • Lowering equipment
  • Tipping devices
  • Wood pallet storage units

We will be pleased to advise you! Just give us a call!

Special chains for profiling machinesFurther details

Special chains for profiling machines

In our precision parts factory we manufacture technically complex special chains.

  • Fully assembled and ready to install special chains of various lengths and designs for installing in our own profiling machines as well as those made by Homag®, Torwegge®, Wemhöner® and IMA®
  • Individual chain links
  • Chain pins and guide pins
  • Cams without and without vertical displacement

In addition, we supply directly from our factory – cutting out distributors – the industrial goods which are required for overhauling chains and which can often only be installed in special sizes :

  • Track rollers, guide rollers
  • Needle bearings
  • V-seals, O-rings

We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

Chain plates for profiling machinesFurther details

Chain plates for profiling machines

Today, "Made in Germany" is synonymous with precision work and outstanding quality. We manufacture precision chain plates for installation in our own profiling machines as well as those made by Homag®, Torwegge®, Wemhöner® and IMA®.

  • Base plates made of aluminium or plastic with or without a protective plate
  • Polyurethane or Vulkollan® overlays with or without longitudinal profiling
  • Built-in support strips made of hardened tool steel

Our chain plates are precision-ground after casting and they leave our factory only once they have passed our documented quality control tests.

We invite you to try out our locally produced products to see how they measure up. We guarantee the highest manufacturing quality!

Pressure bars and sliding bars for profiling machinesFurther details

Pressure bars and sliding bars for profiling machines

SCYTEQ has been undertaking the processing of a very wide range of hard metal alloys since 2003. A typical example of a product from our catalogue is overlays for installation in our own profiling machines and in those made by Homag®-, Torwegge®-, Wemhöner®- and IMA®.

  • Bars with a soldered hard metal track
  • Bars with a glued and screwed hard metal track
  • Milled and non-milled bars
  • Bars with or without compressed air ducts

Soldering provides the best quality and most dependable connection between a hard metal track and a steel base plate. After undergoing a very intricate joining process, the tracks are precision-ground:

  • Hard metal track with one or more intake and outlet bevels
  • Hard metal track with manually rounded and/or polished junctions and bevels
  • Hard metal track without bevel

In addition, we grind the underside of the base plates and ensure that the hard metal tracks are in a precise vertical alignment on the mounting surface. Please request our technical catalogue for further details!

We can provide the whole process chain for you, from individual machines, devices and items of equipment to turnkey, EC-conformant production facilities.

Numerous projects in Europe and around the world show the benefits of our highly efficient and extremely economical machines, devices and items of equipment.