Management of development and investment projects

Are you looking for a fixed-term project manager for your development or capital investment project?

Has someone in your team jumped ship so that you need a quick replacement?

Or do you have to chart a new course for your company as quickly as possible?

Are you looking for a rapid deployment unit or specialists who are available at short notice?

  • With our engineers, technicians and commercial specialists we are an external resource that you can call on!
  • We provide assistance for you in the form of our experienced interim managers!
  • We offer you the urgently needed comprehensive "no worries" package.

Ever since 1968 our engineers and technicians have been actively involved in the development and design/construction of production machines, and also the operation of highly complex production facilities.

  • Production of concrete roofing tiles, concrete cladding blocks, clay roofing tiles
  • Production of wall facing blocks, kerb stones, decorative blocks/stones, and concrete plinths
  • Production of doors, windows, furniture, laminate, parquet flooring, mouldings and wood panels
  • Production of foodstuffs and beverages
  • Production of disposable sanitary products

The critical operation of machines and sustainably results-oriented inspection, servicing and maintenance are our specialist fields and our strengths. We think technically and act commercially.

  • building up, enthusing and motivating a team,
  • delegating tasks and holding people to account,
  • active communication, and ensuring that we pass on the right information to the right contact person at the right time
  • and rewarding performance with praise and recognition – but also providing constructive criticism

are the elements which form the practical basis of our day-to-day project work.

From the generation of ideas, the outline conceptualisation and the drawing up of a feasibility study and the detailed planning and timely execution of the assignment to the correct undertaking of reporting, we provide you with the end-to-end process chain, and we guarantee that you will receive professional service from the very outset.

SCYTEQ Interim Management TM. Responsibility and the delivery of results are at the heart of all that we do!

Today with our sound expertise in the production of concrete building materials, wood products, foodstuffs, beverages and disposable sanitary products, with decades of professional experience of managing highly complex projects in Germany and abroad, and with our flexible and innovatively-thinking team, we are the ideal people to contact for the development and execution of your projects!