Results-oriented maintenance

Assuming that in the space of just 12-15 months you could save

  • roughly 40% of your spare parts costs and
  • roughly 20% of your maintenance costs

while simultaneously increasing your productivity

then why don't you?

We provide support for your production system in the form of the best tools to emerge from R&D activities for setting up and introducing your future sustainably results-oriented maintenance system.

Setting up of your future availability-oriented maintenance systemFurther details

Setting up of your future availability-oriented maintenance system

Globalisation and international competition, increasing product quality requirements and the need for shorter product cycles as well as constantly increasing cost pressures force you – like many other manufacturers of production and consumer goods – to continually find innovative ways of adapting your factory and production structures. This particularly applies to maintenance.

  • Do your investments in new machinery produce a payback?
  • How good is the availability level of your production equipment?
  • Are there "ghost items" lurking in your spare parts warehouse?
  • Would you like to achieve savings of at least twenty percent in your maintenance costs within the next one or two years, while simultaneously maximising your productivity?

With our method which was established as long ago as the 1990s, and which we have consistently developed and perfected since then, we can now offer you the right tool for developing your future maintenance strategy and your future, sustainably results-oriented maintenance system!

  • We avoid "dry theory" and "comprehensive colourful presentations" as far as possible
  • Instead we offer a method which is adapted to our society and culture and is specifically adapted to your factory – a method which is uncomplicated, and above all understandable
  • Specific economic solutions for small, medium-sized and large businesses

Our method is an interactive system based on the complementary combining of a business organisation that is jointly developed with you in strategic terms with a maintenance software system and control peripherals in order to set up an availability-oriented maintenance system and deliver data and results relating to the business within a comparatively short period!

Two-day specialist seminar for small groupsFurther details

Two-day specialist seminar for small groups

The basic principles specialist seminar for managers of medium-sized companies who want to get a quick overview of results-oriented maintenance.

  • Fundamental principles of maintenance and maintenance strategies – An enthralling journey through time
  • History of maintenance
  • Current trends
  • International competition
  • Survival strategies
  • Target-oriented improvement
  • Continuous improvement
  • Lean Maintenance Management Systems
  • Toyota Production System (TPS)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM®)
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Availability-oriented and availability-driven maintenance
  • Autonomous maintenance

The benefits for you: Provision of information on basic terms and facts, and the building of an understanding of results-oriented maintenance

Five-day intensive specialist seminarFurther details

Five-day intensive specialist seminar

The intensive five-day specialist seminar for managers of medium-sized companies who have already decided to set up a results-oriented maintenance function in their own business but are still in the early stages of doing so and who wish to acquire basic, practically applicable expertise.

Fundamental principles of maintenance (history of maintenance, current trends, international competition, survival strategies, target-oriented improvement, continuous improvement, Lean Maintenance Management systems, Toyota Production System (TPS), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM®), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), availability-oriented and availability- driven maintenance (intelligent electronic systems), autonomous maintenance)

  • Servicing and maintenance (planned maintenance instead of repair during production operations)
  • Business management and maintenance
  • Fundamental principles of information technologies
  • Inspection (the crucial importance of forgotten knowledge)
  • Weak point analysis, working groups (self-reliance and responsibility)
  • Spare parts management (professional use of tied capital)
  • Efficient machinery design (key to the modern factory)
  • Quality management and quality assurance

The benefits for you: Provision of information on basic terms and facts, a thorough theoretical and practical introduction to availability-oriented maintenance, joint development and description of your own specific strategy for setting up a results-oriented production system.

Effectiveness means doing the right things. Efficiency on the other hand means getting things right!

Your company deserves a good, robust, tried and tested, modern, and above all forward-looking solution.